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So I suppose all the kids are here now. Let's make this place just like old times. See, I've even got the music to match.

Pretty sure there are no new faces here, but just in case I decide to jihad some communities on here like ye olden daze and meet some new friends, let's have a 'Getting to Know Me' post. I've pulled the 'devoutly Muslim humanitarian who faints at the sight of blood' one enough times, so here's a legitimate (uhhh) introduction to the world of Cat:

- My posts generally consist of 'I'm sad; do some lines and watch this video of some third-world execution.'

- Half-assed historian with a penchant for medieval studies (primarily around the fall of Constantinople), but I try to be well-versed in other eras for the sake of getting trashed and vomiting dissertations to people who don't give a shit while sloshing my drink on said people's shoes and struggling to stand. Tangentially, I'm obsessed with Byzantine iconography, and decorate my home accordingly. It's a cesspool of vintage Vincent Price movie posters juxtaposed with matryoshka dolls of various saints.

- Even more half-assed belly dancer. I'm currently attempting to learn the hardest choreography I've ever been presented with (to 'Sweet Dreams' by Eurythmics. More on that later. That song and I have history), and having an existential crisis because I never formally learned technical shit like rakshinas and ghwazees, and therefore whether I can consider myself a real dancer. feelsbadman.jpg

- Passionate about linguistics and foreign languages. I formally studied German and Russian for years, pursuing a minor in the former, and I continue to do so on my own time. When I need to relax, I do German grammar and vocabulary quizzes online, to simultaneously distract myself from shit and feel like I'm doing something semi-productive. I picked up a smattering of Arabic from an ex, and can shoddily translate some Latin (thanks, high school). but my knowledge of languages is rather limited to the Romance and Balto-Slavic. My favourite curses are Futu-ţi morţii mă-tii or Zum Teufel geh ich.

- I love me some metal, campy horror rock, and mopey goth music. The best shows I've ever seen have been Behemoth, when Nergal spat blood on me during the Resurrection Waltz from Hellraiser, and Wednesday 13. Top five bands on a whim are Cruelty-era Cradle of Filth, Psyclon Nine, Creature Feature, Wednesday 13, and Rob Zombie. I also know the lyrics to more rap songs than I am willing to admit.

- I have eleven piercings, though there have been more in the past, and two tattoos. To be amended to three in exactly one week. Necronomicon sigil on left forearm, Order of the Dragon seal on the right.

- The 'You're a witch?!?' scene from The Craft is my everyday life. The paranormal and I are...well acquainted. Shout-out to the homies who walk around my apartment at night and stand over me while I'm in bed.

- Yes, I smoke, and no, that is NOT the reason my voice sounds like this. My old boss at the sex shop once described my voice as 'like aged whiskey.'

- My life philosophy can be boiled down to 'Don't be a dick; can't we all just get high and watch Tales From the Crypt.' The rude and inept deserve to be publicly executed, and Dorian Gray is my ~spirit animal~.

- No, I'm big on public execution and such. Never bring this up when I've been drinking.

- Fun fact: I really love to cook. I enjoy experimenting with foreign recipes and methods and foisting shock therapy on my guests' boring American palates.

- For years, I've secretly dreamed ofbeing a drag king and doing a routine to 'Sexy Back.' I think I'd make a dapper long-haired Victorian gent.

- My heaven is lighting too many candles and settling in with cosmic horror books and a bouquet of opiates. At the risk of sounding like some /b/tard, if you're curious about my religious (lol) leanings, kindly refer to Event Horizon. You'll know.

- #isthiswhyimnotmarried
Date/Time: 2017-04-27 15:10 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] sitonmyinterface
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I would love to hear more about the folks in your house :P Wonder if your sigil has anything to do with it, lol! Are they shadow people?
Date/Time: 2017-05-03 18:08 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] sitonmyinterface
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I wonder if it could be attracted to the energy you give off. It may not be good or bad, per se, to the entity, but may be perceived as negative by us in that it is depression, fear, etc... Very interesting indeed.
Date/Time: 2017-04-28 02:56 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] vivacious_moon
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One, I've missed you.

Two, I'm also curious regarding your experiences with the paranormal. We need to set up a time and some such to talk.

Three, you can NEVER have too many candles, horror books or Vincent Price posters. NEVER. ♥
Date/Time: 2017-05-04 03:19 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] vivacious_moon
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Of course! Let me know which platform works best for you- email, texting, skype, etc. I'd love to share experiences with you :) I'm looking to get a new webcam for skype within the coming days.

Sadly, my reaching out to other Gods isn't as successful since I suck at following up, but hey, you have to start somewhere, right?

I'm just as glad to be friends with you, as well... but I think it's longer than that. I remember you during my Geneseo days, which were around 2004-2005.. so maybe closer to thirteen? Twelve? Either way, its been a journey that I've had the joy in taking with you! (At the risk of sounding cheesy.)


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