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I covet your fear, your desire, your joy, your anguish, all that constitutes a life. I long to drink you in, to imbibe your essence and let it flicker through my veins like blue fire, swooning intoxicated with you racing inside me. The lingering tannins of your phobias astringent in my cheeks, the rich syrup of your darkest memories heavy on my tongue. I yearn to plunge into your skin, bathing in the lurid light of your consciousness, writhing languidly in your dreams like amniotic fluid, rocked to purring, calculating near-oblivion by your heartbeat. Your eyelids will flutter as I swim about, curling through and stroking every painful memory until it throbs to life; but I’ll whisper to your mind to sleep, trusting, submissive, pathetic, in keeping with your entire life. I'll stretch my talons and smooth the black edges of your nightmares until you barely notice I'm there, then clench my fingers and rip.

Obedience to the point of death,
Falling down through increasing
Into the deathlike region
Of ooze and slime and decay.
These are the fruits and symptoms of
The abasement of the World,
The assumption of humanity and the simultaneous occultation of Divinity.

(With apologies to Deathspell Omega.)
Date/Time: 2009-01-20 15:45 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
No! this face is only a mask, a wicked ornament,
illuminated by an exquisite grimace,
Look and see, atrociously contorted,
The real head, and the sincere face
Turned back under the shadow of the face which lies.
- Charles Baudelaire
Date/Time: 2009-01-20 18:14 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]

Sorry, this is all I could think of.
Date/Time: 2009-01-20 21:20 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
Hahahahahaha goddamn I don't even have anything to come back to that with.

I have been defeated.
Date/Time: 2009-02-22 01:54 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
We have a horrible amount of interests and communities in common. If you're adding new people here, would you mind if we added each other? ~ Yours Hopefully, Keri x
Date/Time: 2010-04-17 11:45 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
Heyyyy it's queenofspades. Apparently my rename token didn't work properly, so re-add me please?


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